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“I’ll be totally honest – I’m a guy, and I would NEVER have considered endorsing a so-called ‘sexual enhancer’….but listen to this.  I’ve been married for almost 20 years and have tried several different on-line sexual lubricants with my wife over the years, in attempts to get her ‘motivated’ in bed.   They really didn’t help that much in increasing her sexual desire or sexual performance.  I ordered this product thinking, “oh well, let’s try this one and see if it works.”  I didn’t tell my wife I ordered it, and began substituting Morgasm in the place of our current sex lubricant. To my dismay and delight, the results were INCREDIBLE!   Her sexual ‘behavior’ was UNBELIEVABLE!  Afterwards she said to me, “I don’t know what you just put on me, but make sure you don’t run out of it.”  The really wild thing is that it made me last longer than normal too & gave me a much stronger orgasm.  It’s an incredible sexual sensation combining heat and cooling that made me hard for so long…….and my wife just didn’t want me to stop.   It was GREAT to initiate my wife into the Morgasm club!”  **
- Mathew L.  

"My husband suggested ordering it and I figured with the GUARANTEE, why not try it.  WOW!!!  It has super-charged our sex life.  With this product there’s no sexual anxiety - I know I’m going to climax every time, so now I just let go and REALLY allow myself to get into the intensity of the sexual experience."  **
- Linda B.

"It delivers incredible stimulation.  I’m giving my wife amazing orgasms and she’s loving it – ME TOO - Rock Hard, LONGER orgasms!  Just a little is all it takes to really send her over the edge.  It’s given us many long and fantastic nights together. Thanks!"  **
– Dave M.

“I was at a party and a girl friend mentioned that her husband had ‘introduced’ her to your cream, and that it was phenomenal because it lasted so long.    I’ve never been a big believer of these on-line sex products, but since my friend endorsed it, I decided to give it a try.  WOW is all I can say!  The multiple sensations are amazing.  Best sex I’ve ever had, and my husband would agree.”  **
- Carly S.

“Thanks for a fantastic product.  I went from having sex with my wife less than once a month to now having sex with her at least a couple times a week.  She has more orgasms and they’re stronger than ever before.  She rocks!”  **
-Sean W.

“I would recommend this product to every woman who wants to experience exceptional orgasms.  I had my FIRST multiple orgasm using your product.  Sex will never be the same without it.  I’m a new customer and now a long term customer.  It works great -  JUST LIKE YOU PROMISED!"  **
-Karen R.

"We have tried other sexual lubricants with some degree of enjoyment, so I decided this was worth a try. We are absolutely thrilled with the results. It increased my wife’s sex drive 100%.  As soon as I massage a little on her, it’s like flipping a switch!  I used to have to ‘work’ really hard to give her an orgasm and many times she still couldn’t.  Now she’s in ecstasy. This awesome product will always be in our bedroom.”  **
- James T.

"You owe it to yourself to try this cream. Within seconds of massaging a small amount of Morgasm on my girlfriend she became instantly aroused.  There is a huge difference in her response to being touched. She put some on me…it creates an awesome tingling sensation that keeps me going longer and STRONGER.  We have great sex every time we use it.  It’s incredible for both of us...and the free 'sex technique' videos REALLY help put her AND me over the edge.
THANKS!"  **
-Scott J.

"My girlfiends talked about multiple orgasms but I’d never had one….until now.  Morgasm has taken my sex life to new levels.  It feels so good and it’s so different from anything I've ever felt before."   **
–Mary G.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say
"Incredible!  My husband got some "morgasm cream" and we tried it out last night. I had the best orgasm I've had in a long time - maybe ever. That stuff has a cooling effect and then it gets warm - what a great sensation. We've tried other creams before but they were not very strong. This stuff lasts a long time - I loved it!" **
-Brittney K

"I know why you say ‘Experience MORE’ in your advertising…..The more times I use it, the MORE incredible my orgasms have been.  Last night, sex turned into a marathon love making session with my husband - I was actually ‘moaning’ loudly to him, “MORE - MORE.”   I ended up grabbing the tube from him and applied more to myself as he was trying to keep up.  The intensity of the orgasms gets REALLY amplified.  I’m hooked – ordering MORE!!!!" **
-Jennifer N.

"My wife has always enjoyed/preferred me using a vibrator on her prior to intercourse, to get her climax ‘going’.  The first time we used this Morgasm cream, she was a little skeptical.  But, as I massaged her with it she became VERY aroused - she quickly began feeling the sexual stimulation of the cream.  Wanting to provide her ( and me ) with a fantastic sexual night, I asked her if she also wanted me to use the vibrator on her.  Surprisingly to me, in the heat of her building passion, she said  “No – rub me with moooore.”  As her climax grew closer and more intense, she literally pulled me on top of her and we had the MOST passionate sex.  AWESOME product."  **
- Brad J.

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