How to Increase Libido | How to Increase Sex Drive

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How to Increase Libido | How to Increase Sex Drive

The Best Herbs to Consume as a Libido Enhancer

by MoreCare Team on 04/24/17

Whether you may have noticed a slowdown in your fleshy appetite or are having a harder time rising to sexual interactions with your partner, most of us will face the need to enhance our sexual desire during our lifetime. Notice that age has not been directly connected to declining male or female libido here. This is because it is completely reasonable to expect a healthy sex life at any age. Likewise, it is also completely possible to struggle with male or female libido or sexual dysfunction at any age. While some sexual decline may happen naturally with age, there are many things that can raise or lower libido for all ages. Stress, eating habits, a medical condition like high blood pressure, recreational habits (drinking, smoking, partying all night, etc.) can all have a negative impact and proper high-protein diet, herbal medicine, exercise, and natural dietary supplements can all act to restore and even enhance sex drive regardless of gender. 

In our rushed society, we are often tempted to find the quick fix to our health problems. The Internet is teeming with offers of magic pills for men and women that promise to heighten sexual appetite and increase sexual performance. Some of these drugs are dangerous, but even legitimate drugs we get from our doctor have proven to have dangerous interactions and side effects. As with anything worth having in life, permanent results will require a bit more effort. Still, we live in a modern society and we can benefit from the privileges that come with that. Ancient knowledge is at our fingertips through the Internet and dedicated people from all over the world can work together to share this knowledge and use it to deliver solutions for the rest of us. 

We did our homework and reviewed dozens of herbs associated with libido. Then we looked at hundreds of products which use these herbs in supplements, creams, and even sprays. We only found one that we would want to keep using ourselves. US-based Morgasm cream lives up to its name by leveraging over 20 of the best natural ingredients known to boost libido. Details, testimonials, how to order, and a general sexual help blog can all be found on the website: 

  1. Aloe Vera  Many women experience dryness and pain during intercourse, particularly after menopause and don't want to use Estrogen cream or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) due to reported side effects. In addition to this, many sex creams have a lot of chemicals in them, and some have been reported to encourage yeast and other infections.   Aloe Vera is a proven to naturally tighten the vagina and prevent prolapse thanks to its astringent and moisturizing properties.
  2. Menthol – Feels either warm or cool and often tingling. Menthol is a natural ingredient that draws blood to the surface of the skin and awakens the nerve endings. 
  3. Peppermint Oil – A natural ingredient with a similar effect of awakening nerve endings like menthol, but a little more subtle. 
  4. L-Arginine – Might feel a slight warming sensation. Increases sensitivity by dilating the blood vessels to increase blood flow to Dramatically Improve Sexual Pleasure & Desire.     
  5. Evening Primrose Oil stimulates prostaglandin E1 which is the science behind stimulating erections in men and orgasms in both men and women.  
  6. Vitamin E increases blood flow and oxygen to your genitalia. It also is a key player in the production of your sex hormones to give you that sex drive boost.

 Here are ten of the best herbs we found in our review.  These are the ones we recommend you consider for your needs. Remember to consult with your doctor if you are on prescription medication. Herbs taken on their own are so powerful that some can interact with your medications.To boost male erectile function and libido: 

  1. Ginseng, (1000 mg – 2000 mg per day)Ginseng is world famous for its many health properties, one of which is boosting erectile function and sex drive in men. Wild ginseng is the most potent but the farmed plant is still beneficial. 
  2.  Avena Sativa (Oatstraw), (3 ml – 5 ml per day – as tincture...Generations have used oats (Avena sativa) for stimulating desire. Some researchers believe it releases testosterone stored in the body, allowing it to boost sexual hormone production.
  3. Chlorophytum borivilianum (Safed musli), (consult vendor for daily dosage)...This herb is well known in India for its libido-enhancing effects and many studies done on rats have confirmed its effects.
  4. To prevent male premature ejaculation and impotence and to improve erectile function:
  5. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium sagittatum), (250 mg – 500 mg per day)...
  6. Known as “yin yang huo” in Chinese medicine, this plant is used for a number of positive health effects in addition to boosting libido and treating premature ejaculation.
  7. Mucuna pruriens (Mucuna/Kapikachhu), (100 mg – 400 mg per day)...Among other positive effects, this plant increases dopamine in the body (one of the chemicals related to sex drive) and increases blood flow to the sexual organs.

To boost libido and sexual performance in men and women

  1. Cinnamon (1000 mg – 1500 mg per day)...When used consistently, cinnamon helps your body get rid of excess sugar present in most of our diets. This frees up blood flow for more important activities than digesting sugar.
  2. Damiana (Turnera disffusa), (400 mg – 800 mg per day)...This plant helps you relax by reducing stress and it increases blood flow leading to heightened sensitivity.
  3. Muira puama (1000 mg – 1500 mg per day)...Used to boost sexual desire and enjoyment, as well as enhance orgasms, this plant benefits overall reproductive health and is commonly called “potency wood.”
  4. For general health, detoxification, and an increase of all bodily functions (including sex drive) in men and women:
  5. Ginkgo biloba (120 mg – 200 mg per day)...Studies has shown Ginkgo to act as an antioxidant which is beneficial for overall health, sexually the plant increases circulation and enhances vascular health which helps prevent impotence.
  6. Schizandra (1000 mg – 6000 mg per day)
  7. One of the known superfoods, this tasty berry can be added to your diet and it is used in Chinese medicine for general health and to increase circulation.

All the herbs listed above are good for your health, regardless of your gender but some will be better suited to you than others depending on your goals and needs. Please note that the dosage is a recommendation only. You should consult the particular product package and your doctor if you have any questions about which herbs are safe for you specifically. 

Also, after reviewing many products, we recommend the quick and consistent effects offered by the Morgasm cream. We wish you all the energy, vitality, and sexual pursuits that you deserve for learning more about building a healthy lifestyle and we wish you all the benefits that we have experienced from Morgasm ourselves! You can find out more about the Morgasm cream at:

Sex Drive Killers – What Causes Low Sex Drive in Men?

by MoreCare Team on 04/24/17

Just like male pattern baldness, hair loss, or high blood pressure, do you ever wonder what causes sexual dysfunction and low sex drive in men? It may feel physical but how much of it is due to a change in the body and reduction of male hormone testosterone as opposed to a mental state or even a reaction to our partner or adverse events? And just like those other life changing events such as hair loss, high blood pressure, or finding it harder to stay fit and thin, a low sex drive really can be another adverse dysfunction that is part of the age process. However, while age may be the most common answer to this question, this issue can happen at any age and have one or more causes. A low sex drive is experienced by many men at least once in their life and at any time millions around the world are struggling to find the answers they need to get back to the virulent man they deserve to be. Due to the stress caused by having a low sex drive being so common the causes have been studied in detail for centuries. Being sexually able and active is very important to men regardless of their age or sexual orientation. Sometimes, during periods of stress, anxiety, or mental and physical exhaustion is it normal to experience a lowered libido. If the lowered sex drive persists and does not change even when there is a positive lifestyle change, then there may be a deeper issue under the surface. Here, we will explore some of the most common causes of sex drive killers and how to begin working against them.

Low Testosterone 

Men and women both produce estrogen and testosterone hormones but women need more estrogen and men need more testosterone. Testosterone is important for building muscle, developing a manly body and having a healthy sexual drive. Usually, the hormone declines as men age but some suffer from low levels beginning in their early years. Consider visiting your doctor to see if you need prescription level hormones or take a more measured approach such as increasing exercise and looking up foods that boost testosterone production. You can also use natural supplements to boost your testosterone levels, along with supplemental creams like Morgasm’s Climax Cream to improve your overall sex drive. 

Prescription Side Effects 

While your prescription medication may be useful, even life-saving, it might be the cause of your plummeting sex drive. For example, the beta blocker class of medications can all lower sex drive, just like stimulant medications often heighten it. Quitting your meds to get it on without talking to your doctor will cost you your health, but maybe there is an alternative treatment that doesn’t drain your mojo. Unfortunately, there are always cases where there are no alternatives and, in those cases, the only thing you can do is try to counteract the side effect by boosting your libido. See the Morgasm sexual help blog for some ideas. 

Mental Health and Confidence

I often hear a similar story from separate friends. A couple is trying to have a baby and one or both of the partners start to get stressed out when there is no baby on the way even though they have been trying so hard. After a period of time they stress less for some reason. Sometimes it is because they are on a waiting list for a fertility clinic or to adopt, whereas other times they come to terms with the possibility of not having a child. Shortly after this time is when the couple often gets pregnant. The moral of the story is the power of mental health and confidence. The everyday stress, depression, high sexual expectations we place on ourselves and our partners, a bad opinion of our own body—these can all be a sex drive killer. Fortunately, it can be one of the easiest problems to fix once it is identified. Take a moment now to relax and ask yourself where you think your sex drive killers come from.

Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition

A rich diet that provides the body with all its needed nutritional requirements is key to help the body produce the right amount of testosterone and other compounds. Herbs, spices, and healing plants can be used to help the body produce more testosterone and to heighten the sensitivity and function of the sexual organs and reproductive systems. Exercise is important to help the body stay fit, obesity is one of the leading causes of impotence. Sleep is also key, because it is during sleep that the body has the best opportunity to capitalize on its nutritional intake. Sleep also ties into mental health and confidence—a good rest will support both. Several studies have shown that disturbed sleep, for example from sleep apnea or a crying child, interferes with the production of testosterone and is a sex drive killer. This problem gets even more dangerous when we consider that low testosterone reinforces bad sleep quality in men.

Communication and Touch

Beyond the obvious connection of sex and touch studies have shown that routine touching such as handholding and cuddling boosted the sex drives of couples. Communication is so important because it leads to touch. For men, it can be helpful to think ahead to a sexual encounter and work backwards from it to plan our actions that will set the proper mood for both partners. For women, it can be helpful to try and express their needs by building on positivity in order to build their man up. For example, instead of nagging they praise him for his past actions and ask for more. This ties into dealing with some of the other sex drive killers as well. Kids can be stressful and planning a day away from them to get it on requires communication and planning, as well as enough self-love to justify the trouble. Sometimes, smart planning also includes a little something extra. In this case, the Morgasm Cream can help prepare men and women for mind-blowing sexual experiences both quickly and naturally.  

Finally, the most important thing to remember is not to give up. Life circumstances change but there is always something that can be done about it.

How to Increase Female Libido Quickly

by MoreCare Team on 04/24/17

Have you ever sat up and realized that you are behind on something or maybe that you will be expected to deliver and have no idea how you will make it happen… yet? So many men and women struggle with this anxious feeling daily when it comes to female libido. Men want to turn their partner on and women want their partner to know that they can turn her on. There are many articles out there that discuss increasing female libido over time, but few are focused on short-term solutions, such as a natural remedy, a daily intake of additional nutrients, and other remedies for total body health and an increased libido. Many may even claim that it is a long, uphill battle over time. While long-term solutions may be better at providing permanent results, there also exist solutions that provide a quick libido boost within hours and even minutes. In this article, we will take a dedicated look at quickly boosting the female libido in 10 unique ways.

Before we begin, it is important to note that these techniques assume you are feeling a temporary lack of libido but are otherwise medically and mentally okay. A long-term lack of libido can have serious causes including trauma, experiencing pain during intercourse and unhealthy abusive relationships. If this is the case, consulting your doctor or other healthcare professional is the quickest way to avoid long-term challenges with female libido. 

The great thing about these ten techniques is that they can be used by women as well as their partner to help boost her libido.

Get Pampered

  1. Women can go get a massage or even better have their partner give them one if they are skilled enough. Skin-on-skin contact can be sexual, but even the professional services of a massage therapist that are not sexual in any way will stimulate the body into increasing sexual hormone production.
  2. Having a mani-pedi can also boost a woman’s libido by helping her feel confident and sexy and by giving her a chance to relax and mentally think about the evening ahead. An alternative to this is a stay at home hot tub experience where both partners can relax and cleanse themselves while building sexual tension at the same time. 

Stimulate Your Mind

  1. Try reading a steamy book or short story or even role play with your partner in the few hours you are apart before coming together for a sexual encounter. Mind over matter is a common saying in part because it’s true. Holding a series of images and ideas in your mind stimulates both you and your partner physically and escalates your sexual lust when you finally see them in person.
  2. Actions can set the mind on fire as much as words can. Be daring and put on that lingerie or kinky outfit you have been considering as a surprise for your partner. Two is more fun than one if your partner joins in by dressing sexy as well the effect will be even stronger. Clothing makes us feel more confident and desirable. It supports us in acting out our fantasies and behaving differently than we normally do.

Warm up Your Body

  1. Get some oxygen together by going for a walk. Your stress from the day will go down as you breath and move. You have a chance to discuss mundane topics together so they don’t take up valuable mental energy later or you can even plan out a few new things to try when you get home. For something a little more direct try to flex… your pelvic floor. These exercises, often called Kegels, are designed for overall female vaginal health. They also serve another purpose, by flexing your pelvic floor you mimic the contractions of orgasm which builds you up for the real thing. A daring partner will join in by encouraging her to let him feel the power of her muscles on his skin.
  2. Sometimes, following a long day at work or just after we send the kids off to grandma’s, going for a walk and doing Kegels is the last thing that seems sexy, so take the opposite path to boosting your libido. If you are hungry, eat a lightly-balanced meal to provide your body with several hours of quick energy and if you are exhausted take a short (up to 30 minutes) nap together to experience skin-on-skin contact and get a quick boost of energy to get it on.

Best Bet When in a Rush: Lotions and Potions 

  1. Sometimes, a quick boost of sexuality can safely come from outside our body. Some of the articles we reviewed recommended prescription drugs or strong pharmaceuticals. “Just take the blue pill” one article recommended but we wanted to provide a safe solution that minimized the risk of side effects that is sure to be there when you experiment with prescription grade drugs. We agree that increasing blood flow to the genital area is one of the best quick ways to boost female libido and we found a natural product that does this for both men and women within minutes of application: Morgasm
  2. There are also other ways to boost your body and the effects of Morgasm. Pleasing scents of perfume for her and cologne for him can drive the senses wild and even produce a physical response. Lubricants have become more popular in recent years because of additives that cause different sensations some of the more popular ones are hot, cold, and tingly. They even have scented and flavored lubricants now. Something to keep in mind is that water-based lubricants are the safest bet when using condoms (see the condom box and lubricant label for more information). Bottom line: Using a sensation-enhancing product like Morgasm is one of the fastest ways to boost libido for women and men.

Follow up Lotions and Potions with Heavy Foreplay

  1. If the lotions and potions aren’t enough, there are many things you can do with your partner to boost the mood and make it even easier for you libido to take over. Take a sexy shower together, make out while holding on to the hot pipes, push your body parts against the clear shower curtain or door to make them laugh. It also makes it more desirable to get dirty when you are both freshly clean.
  2. Buy a vibrator to use on yourself or to have your partner use on you. The vibration helps your body build arousal and using a vibrator toy during your sexual escapades puts your body and libido into overdrive too! Additionally, a vibrator can be a great way of applying lotions and potions (like the Morgasm cream) on your body and working them into the skin.

For even more ideas check out the Morgasm Sexual Help Blog that gives a few more tips for both men and women and covers male libido specifically. After reviewing many products, we recommend combining the methods above with the quick and consistent effects delivered to men and women by the Morgasm Cream. We wish you all the energy, vitality, and sexual pursuits that you deserve for learning more about building up female libido and the benefits that we have experienced using Morgasm ourselves! You can find out more about the Morgasm cream at:

6 Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Libido Booster

by MoreCare Team on 04/24/17

Whether you may have noticed a slowdown in your fleshy appetite or are having a harder time rising to sexual desire with your partner, most of us will face the need to boost our libido and sexual performance during our lifetime. Notice that age has not been directly connected to declining libido here; this is because it is completely reasonable to expect a healthy sex life at any age. Likewise, it is also completely possible to struggle with libido at any age. While some sexual decline may happen naturally with age there are many things that can raise and lower libido for all ages. Stress, eating habits, recreational habits (drinking, smoking, partying all night, etc.) can all have a negative impact and proper diet, exercise, relationship techniques, and natural herbal solutions and libido enhancers can all act to restore and even enhance sexual drive regardless of whether it is the male libido or the female's natural libido. 

In our rushed society, we are often tempted to find the quick fix and resolve health problems with the least amount of effort. The Internet is teeming with offers of magic pills for men and women that promise to heighten sexual appetite and increase sexual performance. Some of these drugs are dangerous, but even legitimate drugs we get from our doctor for erection enhancement and their female enhancement equivalents have proven to have dangerous interactions and side effects. As with anything worth having in life, permanent results will require a dedicated approach from many angles. In this article, we will explore six natural ways to enhance libido. It’s important to implement these suggestions with consistency and moderation and to consult your doctor with any questions before starting a regime of strenuous activity or using supplements. Everyone’s health situation is different and it is important to note that even natural supplements can have negative interactions with prescription medications. 

Having gotten this warning out of the way, we will start with two strategies that can be used by anyone regardless of their age or physical health and do not require the use of supplements. The first technique is general mindfulness. In summary, this requires reflection on yourself and your partner in order to increase confidence in yourself and intimacy in your relationship. Taking a few minutes a day to practice meditation, silent reflection, journaling, or mindfulness practices will help you reduce nervousness and tension during your sexual encounters. Your mind will be free of distractions and you will be free to focus on the moment. Additionally, these silent times can be used to reflect on your needs and the needs of your partner and the techniques you would like to use with them to achieve maximum pleasure. The second technique is communication and goes well with the practice of mindfulness. It may not seem romantic to plan a sexual encounter with your partner or to talk about explicit details instead of having a spontaneous encounter, but having something to look forward to and discussing what you may want to do is a healthy form of foreplay that will help you both rev up for the encounter itself. Having a chance to talk about sex before it happens also gives you a chance to resolve any topics that require discussion and could ruin the mood in the moment. Bottom line: You will have a smoother experience that can focus only on pleasure.

The next two strategies are very low risk and are easy to implement for most people. First of all, there is diet. The great thing about changing your diet is that you can do as little or as much as you want. There are small dietary changes you can make like reducing the amount of fat consumed and increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you eat and there are drastic measures you can take like spending hours researching edible aphrodisiacs and painstakingly incorporating them into your daily diet. Most people notice moderate changes in their energy levels and sex drive from relatively small but consistent shifts in their diet. You can consult the Internet, your doctor, or a dietitian to get some general tips on the healthiest type of diet for your age and gender. Generally, a good diet for your libido is focused on ingesting a wide variety of quality food to get all the nutrients your body needs from natural sources and to get nutrients not commonly found in generic vitamin supplements. If you have been eating salad all week that steak or burger might help you get your groove on as much as the beautiful salad with many bright colors might be what you need if you have been eating meat and pasta all week. If your health and taste buds can take it most herbs and spices are considered aphrodisiacs. Red peppercorns and fresh peppers are a personal favorite of mine as they can be used in a variety of salads and dishes and feature a mild pleasing taste. So, have fun and try some new flavors in your diet! Secondly, a low to moderate increase in exercise pairs well with a dietary change to increase energy levels and sexual appetite. If you’re a couch potato going on a short walk several times a week is a good start and if you already go on walks making you heart even healthier through a cardio workout may be just what you need to get you over the edge to increasing your libido.

The last two strategies we look at are meant to get the excitement flowing. First, let’s look at adding some thrill to the bedroom even before you enter it. Whether you stay in or go out doing something to get an adrenaline rush will give you both a high of energy for the bedroom. Once you take that excited feeling in your mind and body and start thinking sex, let yourselves explore new activities or do the ones you love with newfound energy. Your body will feel like it just escaped a life-threatening situation, so channel your carnal desires. The activity to set this off can be as simple as watching a horror movie, as hands-on as rock climbing, or even jumping out of a plane with a parachute strapped to your back. 

Now that we have prepared our minds and made our bodies healthier, maybe even primed ourselves with an adventurous activity, we are finally in the bedroom. Is there anything else we can do to increase our appetite and performance without using intense drugs? Sure, there is! In recent years a whole industry has been built to leverage well-known natural supplements into products that work fast enough to be used before and during sex. If you do your homework, not only can you find products that work because of natural ingredients but that are also good for your overall health. They will act cumulatively with your healthy active lifestyle long after their immediate effects wear off, instead of detracting from your health like many factory-made prescription medications. You may experience some good results by looking for supplements of the various libido enhancing natural compounds found in plants, herbs, and vitamins. There is a shortcut to all that work, and all those individual supplements though. The USA made Morgasm cream lives up to its name by leveraging over 20 natural ingredients known to boost libido. Details, testimonials, how to order, and a general sexual help blog can all be found on the website:

We wish you all the energy, vitality, and sexual pursuits that we all deserve as a reward for learning more about ourselves and building a healthy lifestyle and we wish you all the benefits that we have experienced from Morgasm ourselves!

The Best Libido Booster to Help You Feel Sexier

by MoreCare Team on 03/22/17

Best Libido Booster.jpg

Have you been struggling to feel sexier in the bedroom? Do you feel like your sex drive is wasting away? There are so many stressors out in the world today that it should come as no surprise that you’re feeling your libido dying. All hope is not lost, though! If you truly want to start feeling like the sexy, incredible person that you are, look no further than Morgasm's Climax Cream, one of the best libido enhancing products in the market today. 

You might be thinking that this is just another one of those scam products you see advertised everywhere. This is where you’re wrong. The Morgasm libido booster cream works because it doesn’t claim to be a one-time, permanent solution to your libido problems. It enhances your potential to be more active and confident sexually through over twenty natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to boost sex drives in both men and women. 

Developed Using All-Natural Products 

Pharmaceutical libido booster products are scary. You don’t know what goes into their manufacture. The climax cream from Morgasm is different because it makes use of natural products that have been used for decades as aphrodisiacs and enhancers. There are many causes of a decline in your own sex drive including stress, emotion, and even hormonal imbalance problems. All of these are treated using the refined herbal products found in this awesome booster. 

Some of the ingredients used in the manufacture of this epic libido enhancer include aloe vera, palm oil, vegetable glycerin, tea tree oil, evening primrose oil, vitamins A, E, C, and B5, as well as green tea. These are just a few of the 20+ natural ingredients found in this aloe-based cream. The base of the cream means it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction, something that has to be watched for when using a water or oil-based product like most other libido boosters.

Morgasm Climax Cream is the Real Deal! 

There are tons of fake products out there. They claim to improve your sex drive, keep you “turned on” for longer, make you last longer in bed, and more. Most of these claims can never be proven. Morgasm’s cream has no such claims – it simply treats your sexual health and declining libido by improving your absorption rate of its active ingredient: l-arginine, a protein that is known to most naturopaths as the “miracle molecule”.

Your body responds to this protein by converting it to nitric oxide, which widens your blood vessels. When you engage in sexual activity the blood flow to your most sensitive zones increases, leading to greater sensitivity in these areas and increased sexual response. Coupled with the many other natural ingredients in the cream such as ginseng and more, you become relaxed, open, and able to work alone or with your partner to achieve intimacy like never before. 

Completely Natural Ingredients 

Too many products out there today are infused with toxic chemical substances. While they work to improve the quality of your orgasms, they tend to have long-term side effects that could lead to a sex drive that is even more depleted than it was before you started taking them. Thankfully, the Morgasm climax cream is different – it is made of completely natural substances that have been used by herbal doctors for decades. These products have been refined and combined to create the ultimate libido booster for anyone, of any age, and any gender! 

Improved Mood and No Negative Side Effects

Since the cream from Morgasm is made of completely natural, safe products, it doesn’t have any of the nasty side affects you hear about with other libido enhancers. The cream is completely safe and has no negative effects in the short or long term. There are, in fact, many positive long-term effects of using this cream, not only for your sexual health but for your all-around health too. The natural products and the l-arginine protein get absorbed into the blood and lead to more energetic day-to-day activity. You also get improved circulation as a result, which means you are at a lower risk of heart attacks over time. 

Effective Composition that Works Instantly 

If you are sick of waiting around for your libido to get out of the funk it is in, using this cream might be the answer to your prayers. Unlike most other boosters on the market, this arousal cream can actually provide effects right away. The best part is that the powerful effect of the cream doesn’t go away an hour after you apply it on your skin. Instead, you get to enjoy the positive benefits of the Morgasm Arousal Cream for hours after you use it! 

Affordable Libido Enhancing Power 

Have you noticed the prices of the common libido boosting products out there? Some of them can set you back hundreds of dollars. The Morgasm product is different because it is made for everyone to afford. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy the effects of the cream to treat your loss of libido. Affordability is the mark of a product that is made to help people, not to make money. That is what this cream is designed to do. Morgasm even has a satisfaction guarantee on their booster – despite the good price, if you don’t feel the amazing effects of this cream, you get your money back. 

Safety is Priority One 

You might be asking yourself if this cream is truly safe to use. Tests have shown that the formula used to design this cream is anti-bacterial in nature. It also helps fight off most common germs. The cream has a neutral pH, which means that it won’t irritate your skin if it is sensitive. One last safety feature of this amazing libido booster is the lack of parabens in its composition. Parabens are found in many modern lubricants and can be quite harmful in prolonged use. 

Do you really want to stop feeling like a potato in sack? It’s time you took your sex life into your own hands. Stop being the victim of scams and realize your true potential with this safe, effective, all-natural arousal cream. Witness the results firsthand, or get your money back! As far as libido boosters go, it can be safely said that this is one of the very best. 

Morgasm Sex Cream.jpg
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